Touring In Classic Cars Has Become A National Pastime For Vintage Car Collectors

If you have not heard about the increasing popularity of touring in classic cars, you are probably just not in the right place at the right time. If you live in a smaller town or a resort town, it is probably something you have witnessed because touring in classic cars tends to happen on some of the routes less-traveled, for obvious reasons. If you are a vintage car collector that owns one of the original 1964 ½ Ford Mustangs or a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, you probably aren't going to be motoring through the heavy-traffic downtown metro areas, unless you are in a parade for Thanksgiving Day or a Super Bowl win!

Plenty of nostalgic car enthusiasts think touring in classic cars is one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy your most-prized possession and the surrounding countryside. Those that arrange their own tours can take a weekend break with a few friends that enjoy the hobby of restoring classic Mustangs, Chevys, or Fords, but there are local clubs in the area that can give you pointers on touring or offer information on local stops to make, where other vintage car collectors might be found.

When touring in classic cars, you can always consider some of the escorted tours that might include a variety of the vintage, all-American "muscle cars" or antique models of the earliest automobiles. There are some of these types of car tours available all over the world, with varying durations, whether a month-long motoring holiday through the hillsides of France or a weekend motoring trip down the Florida Keys. It is possible that you might find touring in classic cars can be a fulfilling local activity, especially if you have an organized car club in your area, however.

Many of the vintage automobile owners love to enjoy a half-day event, parade or car show, close to home. Touring in classic cars does not mean you have to take a long and expensive trip. While there are some organized events that might travel a few hours away and involve an overnight stay, they are relatively inexpensive, and a great way to get to know other collectors that might have similar interests.

In fact, it can be a great way to learn more about special aftermarket parts resources or find out information about the best local restoration specialists. These can be very entertaining ways to show off your vintage specimen, but you can enjoy a relatively inexpensive outing enjoying stunning scenery while motoring through a variety of regional or local tourist attractions.

Winter Classic Car Meets for Your Diary

Whilst it's true that the summer is the busiest time of year for classic car shows and the winter season is much quieter, you'll still find one or two to visit in the cold months! If you're an enthusiast you will know this and will probably already have the dates booked in your diary. For those that are unsure which events are taking place during the winter months and are worth your while visiting, read on.

Huddersfield Xmas Party Autojumble - held on Sunday 2nd January at the Old market Building, Brook Street, Huddersfield, the Huddersfield Xmas party Autojumble is the perfect opportunity for you to find almost anything classic vehicle related. From parts and accessories to manuals and tools, if you want an item you will most likely find it here! Everyone who attends is enthusiastic about classic cars and bikes, many of them coming on or in their vehicles for enthusiasts such as yourself to admire. Not only is it a great place to meet and make new friends, the day is also fun for all the family so why not go along to see for yourself.

Race Retro - held between 25-27 February 2011 at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, Race Retro is Europe's premier show for historic motorsport, historic racing and historic rallying. Described at the best historic motorsport show he has ever been to by Sir Stirling Moss OBE, Race Retro is three full days of classic motorsport action where you will experience appearances from motoring legends. No matter whether you enjoy historic motorsport from the racing seat or the armchair, race Retro has something to offer each and every enthusiast. In addition, there are plenty of trade stands which sell parts, tools, memorabilia and plenty more.

British Indoor 4x4 Show - held on the 19th and 20th March 2011 at Bingley Hall, Staffordshire County Showground, the British Indoor 4x4 Show is the prime opportunity for off-roaders to get together, talk about parts and shop around for pieces for their pride and joy. More than 100 exhibitors will be covering your every need, from 4x4 travel to tyres, winches and off road adventure.

Classic Car Insurance

Have you ever wondered where you can get a great deal on classic car insurance? Wonder no the current day and age the vast majority of people use the Internet to search for a variety of products and services, mainly because it saves them time but also because you can save money in the process. If you're looking for classic car insurance now is the time to jump online to save those pennies.

The UK Classic Car Zero Tax Rate

For most cars on the roads of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Vehicle Excise Duty, better known as road tax is due. This is the tax for which you receive a tax disc that is placed in the front windscreen and it is due every year, or six months.

Certain classic cars are exempt from paying this tax, and can obtain a tax disc without paying. This is a date based exemption, and the cut off date is 1st January 1973. If your car was manufactured before this date you are entitled to the tax disc without charge. This is due to the legislation presuming that you will do limited mileage in the vehicle. When the classic car legislation was initially implemented this was a rolling exemption for any vehicle over 25 years of age. However, this was changed by the government in 1997 and it was frozen at the 1973 date. This zero road tax class is known as the "Exemption from vehicle excise duty for historic vehicles".

Not all vehicles built before 1st January 1973 count as historic vehicles, but anything that you might consider a classic car is included under the "private or light goods vehicles" category. Most of the exclusions are for vehicles still used for commercial purposes.

When you tax a classic car for the first time, you need to take or post the documents to your local DVLA office. The documents include the vehicle registration certificate (V5C), the MOT certificate, valid insurance documents and the application form from the DVLA. For future years you will receive a reminder through the post in the same way as you do for a paid renewal. You still have to prove that the car has an MOT and is insured in order to get the zero rate of vehicle excise duty. For many classic cars, you will be able to get special insurance that caters for the specific needs of vintage vehicles. This will be dependent on the needs of the owner, but typically might include limited mileage, agreed value, historic rally cover and is often discounted if you have membership of a car enthusiasts club.

Of course if you are not lucky enough to own your own classic car, then taxing it won't be a necessary step. There are other routes if you want to drive a classic car, perhaps for a special occasion such as a wedding, a prom or a birthday, in which case you can hire out a number of classic cars for self-drive hire. Available by the day or week this is a popular way to experience the beauty, excitement and ride of a vintage car, without any of the complications of ownership.